Balance of PowerSingle-leg squat builds many muscles
2:00 a.m. August 4, 2009. San Diego Union Tribune

Each week, Firehouse Fitness features members of the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department demonstrating exercises and stretching techniques that can beincorporated into almost any fitness routine. Information:

The move: A single-leg squat on the edge of a box or bench.

Muscles involved: Quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals, adductors, gastrocnemius, peroneals and ankle dorsiflexors.

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Precautions: Choose a box/bench height that suits your ability to balance.

Setup: Stand on one leg with the inside of your foot near the edge of the bench and your arms out in front of you.

The steps: Slowly lower your free-floating foot toward the ground while keeping your arms out in front for balance. Squat as low as you can while maintaining your balance, but no further than 90 degrees of hip flexion (thighs parallel to the ground). Stop before your free foot reaches the ground, and slowly return to the starting position. Focus on trying to keep your hips as level as possible through the entire motion.

Repetitions: Three sets of six to eight repetitions per leg.

Options: Adjust the box or bench height to whatever is most comfortable or convenient. Stairs or a tall curb are a perfect substitute for a weight bench.


TITLE: Firefighter


HOME: Crown Point

ACTIVITIES/INTERESTS: Surfing, golf, softball

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