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The best ‘non-drug’ and ‘non-surgical’ option to joint pain

There are a variety of reasons and diagnosis regarding joint pain. Degenerative activities or arthritic conditions will cause pain whenever a joint is moved. The pain creates an inflammatory response which produces greater pain.

A common treatment plan is to take some type of ‘over the counter’ (OTC) medication (i.e. Alieve, Tylenol, Excedrin, and others). Their effect is to dull the pain through a chemical signal; however, the chemical effect is to your entire body, and over time, side effects will show up.

A new, effective and safe treatment for joint pain is the use of Cold Laser Therapy (or Low Level Laser Therapy) which has zero side effects and is specifically targeted to the area of treatment. The emissions from the Cold Laser equipment fire photons into the inflamed tissue which causes an increase in ATP (energy) production at the cellular level, which in turn creates significant anti-inflammation activities; reducing pain, restoring more normal tissue performance, and minimizing scar tissue formation.

The OTC medication or drug therapy route can also decrease the pain, but doesn’t do anything for the minimization of scar tissue. When scar tissue forms, it speeds degenerative activities in the injured joint which generally mean that you’ll have joint pain for the rest of your life.

The Cold Laser Therapy has benefits which will aid the degenerative joint for a period of months (research supports benefits up to six months) before repeated treatment may be needed to address any increase in joint pain.

So, your options and education have been expanded! If you’ve got joint pain you can take OTC medications and drugs to reduce the inflammation and pain but you will also experience the side effects of the drugs (and very likely take them for the rest of your life); or, you can receive a non-drug therapy which will reduce the inflammation and pain but also reduces damaging scar tissue and has zero side effects. You choose!

See your family chiropractor for any further questions on Cold Laser Therapy.

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