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How Chiropractic Care Can Help Infants?

Posted on 10-11-2017

When some parents think of chiropractic care for infants, they may be skeptical or concerned. Of course, it is natural for them to want their baby to be safe and healthy, and they worry that adjus...

How to Help Your Loved Ones Understand Sciatica

Posted on 09-13-2017

If you have been recently diagnosed with sciatica, chances are that you know more about the condition than your friends and family. Those who have never experienced sciatica themselves or who have...

How Do Chiropractors Treat Whiplash?

Posted on 08-23-2017

Community Chiropractic Care offers care for auto accident injuries, including whiplash problems. Your car accident chiropractor in Poway can provide chiropractic treatment of this type of injury, ...

How Long After an Auto Accident Should I See a Chiropractor in Poway?

Posted on 08-15-2017

Being in an auto accident can be a disrupting experience. Even if you think you have not suffered an injury, you may have experienced damage to tissues that can cause symptoms long after the i...

Auto Injury Recovery from a Chiropractor

Posted on 06-05-2017

After you get into a car accident, you have a lot on your mind. It doesn't help that you might also be suffering from pain while attempting to stay afloat financially if you're unable to w...

Our Philosophy

Posted on 06-02-2017

At Community Chiropractic Center, our goal is to provide our patients with highest level of care possible. When you meet with your Poway chiropractor, you will always get one-on-one care and outst...

How Cold Laser Therapy Treats Pain & Heals Injuries

Posted on 05-08-2017

Learn More: Cold Laser Therapy Cold laser therapy is a new technology that uses high-energy, low-intensity light to promote healing.  Sometimes called low-level laser therapy or photobiomodu...

Chiropractic Care Services From Our Poway Chiropractor

Posted on 04-25-2017

We're all about you here at Community Chiropractic Center. We know you're looking for more than "just a chiropractor" -- you want a primary care practitioner who can help you thr...

Ice 'vs' Heat....How to be Safe!

Posted on 07-03-2015

Too many people (including many healthcare providers) get this one wrong!  Here’s a safe guideline to follow for yourself and your family.  First of all, understand what takes place...

Whiplash Trauma - “What are the Mechanics of Injury in Whiplash Trauma”

Posted on 06-14-2015

The basics of human anatomy explain that the critical organs in our body are protected by outer, durable structures. Our central nervous system, which governs every other system in our body, is p...

Jack La Lanne --- from 1959

Posted on 03-22-2015

My wife, Carolyn and I were recently going through some things from her grandmother.  One item is an album dated from 1959 (this is how music and other instructional items were completed in the 1...

Exercise Benefits ... Better than Weight Loss

Posted on 03-15-2015

Exercise Benefits …that are Better than Weight Loss Using weight loss as exercise motivation isn’t always entirely effective. Please consider these 11 benefits and don’t focus on t...

Happy New Year - Nutrition Note!

Posted on 01-01-2015

Yes, it's New Year's Day.  Another day when millions will once again attempt to create a resolution for personal change involving their nutritional habits.  And yes,....I'm one o...

Whiplash Injury and Neck Pain

Posted on 12-13-2014

There are many serious concerns when you injure your neck.  There's the obvious 'pain' which is resultant from the sprain and strain of the ligaments and muscles of the spine and surr...

A Few Paragraphs Worthy of Review...

Posted on 11-18-2014

An article printed (Nov 2014) in Dynamic Chiropractic provides some reinforcement to your conscious.... ~~Saying No to Medicine By Donald M. Petersen Jr., BS, HCD(hc), FICC(h), Publisher &quo...

Basic Differences Between Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy

Posted on 08-14-2014

It's important to know the difference between different therapies available.  The basic alignment needs to follow the all time favorite saying of having the right service available and perfor...

Concussions and Chiropractic

Posted on 07-31-2014

Concussions take place following trauma to the head. It might be a minor or severe 'bump' to the head and may or may not cause immediate discomfort or pain.  Concussions (e...

Kinesio Tape Therapy - The Basics

Posted on 07-21-2014

Kinesio Tape (Sports Tape) Therapy, and at our office referred to Rock Tape Therapy, has many benefits all focused on improved movement of joints during performance and injury repair.  The app...

The best 'non-drug' and 'non-surgical' option to joint pain

Posted on 07-13-2014

There are a variety of reasons and diagnosis regarding joint pain.  Degenerative activities or arthritic conditions will cause pain whenever a joint is moved.  The pain creates an inflammato...

Maintenance Care - A New Concept

Posted on 07-07-2014

So, here’s the basic question:  Where and How do I place ‘Chiropractic’ in my health care activities?  Not an easy question.  More specifically, there is no single ans...

Chiropractic Success vs Medical Success

Posted on 06-29-2014

Many healthcare providers (as well as products and services) carry 'success percentages' to attract business.  This short blog is to share the basic definition of 'success&#...

When is the Right Time for Chiropractic?

Posted on 06-22-2014

I'm often asked if Chiropractic can help with....(fill in the blank with everything from pain, to headaches, to difficulty conceiving, to preparing for an athletic event, to recovering from a cold...

Whiplash and Neck Pain CAD

Posted on 06-15-2014

Whiplash trauma (also referred to as 'Cervical Acceleration Deceleration' trauma or CAD) doesn't always happen from auto accidents.  It could just as easily happen when two athletes c...


Posted on 02-24-2014

THE ‘NERVE’ OF IT!   A professional blog by Mark Burdette, D.C. Welcome to our newest blog.  My goal is to open some basic window of understanding regarding Health to exp...

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