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How Chiropractic Care Can Help Infants in Poway

When some parents think of chiropractic care for infants, they may be skeptical or concerned. Of course, it is natural for them to want their baby to be safe and healthy, and they worry that adjustments might be comparable to what they have received as an adult, and think it is just too much.

However, there are also many parents that bring their child into the chiropractor for infant chiropractic care for many of the same reasons. They want their baby to experience a higher level of comfort, better sleep, and better overall development, and they realize that in many instances, infant chiropractic care can help.

How Infant Chiropractic Care Differs from Adult Adjustments
Every person that is seen by a chiropractor has different needs. This is true whether that person is an infant, a teen athlete, a 30 something construction worker, or a senior facing joint trouble. Every case is different, that’s why at Community Chiropractic Center in Poway, CA, our team of chiropractors carefully assesses each patient’s needs on a personal level — and that includes infants. Our chiropractors are trained to use a gentler touch on children of all ages, and any equipment used also has adjustments included to make sure that injuries don’t occur during spinal alignments.

Signs Your Baby Could Benefit From Chiropractic Care
Having spines, there is always some potential that things could go out of alignment. By the time a baby is born, they have already been through a lot. Some are stuck in a single position for a long period of time, or if a new mom experienced a difficult labor and delivery, so did the baby. Some signs that spinal problems might be present from birth include:

Need for Forceps in Delivery
If the path down the birth canal did not go smoothly, there may be a need for spinal adjustment. The baby’s joints may also be out of place if there was a need to pull them into the world with forceps or suction.

Colic and Sleep Problems
Colic is the word used for persistent crying that seemingly has no apparent cause of solution, and can be very frustrating for babies and their parents. The exact cause of colic is unknown, but there is evidence that chiropractic adjustments can help. If a baby has aches and pains from stiff joints, the only way to communicate discomfort is to cry. Sometimes, mothers attempt dietary changes in order to help with colic or sleep problems, but in cases where chiropractic care for infants is explored, more than 94% of babies show improvement.

Trouble Breastfeeding
Babies are generally born with a fully developed suck/swallow reflex, so those who are unable to do this effectively may be facing another issue. Sometimes the problems lie in their ability to get into a comfortable position to nurse due to a spinal misalignment. Some babies develop a clear preference for one breast over the other and may seem to have limited nursing ability from that side.

In many cases, mothers report a marked improvement in their nursing experience after their babies undergo infant chiropractic care. Latching issues can also stem from a communication issue between the brain and the central nervous system. By adjusting the joints, irritation in the central nervous system can be cleared out helping the throat and tongue muscles to function as they are supposed to.

Head Tilting
Head tilting is a sign of a condition common in infants called torticollis, which may also include a limited range of motion, and may lead to troubles with the head growth happening in a symmetrical manner. Infant chiropractic care can help get things realigned early and development back on track.

Ear Infections
Chronic ear infections are also common in babies, usually in infants a little past the newborn stage. When treated conventionally, they are usually prescribed an antibiotic to treat the bacterial infection, but this does not get to the source of the problem, and the infection returns. The infection happens in the first place because of fluid getting caught in the middle ear cavity. Chiropractic care for infants takes the time to investigate why the fluid is being trapped and will make adjustments that can help limit or eliminate recurrence.

Get Infant Chiropractic Care with a Chiropractor in Poway
If your baby is struggling with his first months of life and doesn’t seem to be experiencing the comfort he should Community Chiropractic Center in Poway, California may be able to help. Contact us at 858-486-1222 to set up a consultation with one of our chiropractors.

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