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Chiropractic Care Services From Our Poway Chiropractor

We’re all about you here at Community Chiropractic Center. We know you’re looking for more than “just a chiropractor” — you want a primary care practitioner who can help you throughout every stage of life. That’s why we offer so many ways to help you overcome health challenges and enjoy peak wellness. Our Poway chiropractor is proud to provide a wide range of natural health and wellness services for San Diego, Poway, Rancho Bernardo, 4S Ranch, Scripps Ranch, Sabre Springs, Carmel Mountain Ranch, Ramona and Rancho Penasquitos. Your entire family can benefit from our safe, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical techniques such as:

Chiropractic Care – Our Poway chiropractor utilizes many different chiropractic techniques to adjust joints that have lost their proper alignment. We use it to treat acute injuries and chronic pain, increase range of motion and promote normal nerve function.

Massage Therapy – Massage therapy supports chiropractic care by soothing tight muscles, even as it also speeds healing by improving circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Spinal Decompression – Spinal decompression is a non-surgical approach to treating problems such as bulging and herniated discs. By administering flexion distraction force to your spinal column, we can draw the disc back into position and infuse them with healing nutrients, relieving pressure on major roots in the process.

Cold Laser Therapy – Cold laser therapy gets its name from the low-level laser energy used. This energy passes through the skin to trigger healing and anti-inflammatory responses in the cells of underlying tissues. Cold laser therapy is a smart choice for rehabilitation as well as chronic pain management.

Nutritional Coaching – How well you eat determines how well you live. Rely on our nutritional coaching for advice on dietary changes, weight loss and nutritional supplementation so your body can fulfill its potential.

Food Testing (ALCAT) – The ALCAT test can identify any food sensitivities (as opposed to allergies) that may be undermining your health. We can detect sensitivities related to 350 different substances.

Kinesio (Functional Movement) Tape Therapy by RockTape – Kinesio or functional tape therapy is a method of applying special elasticized tape in specific patterns over weakened or injured tissues. We use state-of-the-art RockTape kinesio taping products to help our patients maintain their daily activities.

Orthotics by Foot Levelers – When the arches of your feet receive inadequate or uneven support, the results can include everything from painful plantar fasciitis to large-scale musculoskeletal misalignment. We can fit you with custom orthotics from Foot Levelers that are fabricated to provide your specific feet with the exact amount of support needed to correct those imbalances.

Our Poway Chiropractor Is Ready to Serve Your Family

If you’ve been searching high and low for the ideal Poway chiropractor for your family’s, you’ve arrived at your destination — and our new client special makes it even easier to take advantage of our various services. Call 858-486-1222 to learn more and schedule an appointment!

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