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Cold Laser Therapy

Individuals suffering with acute injuries and chronic pain have a state-of-the-art treatment option, as Dr. Mark Burdette, D.C. recently added cold laser therapy to his chiropractic office.

At Community Chiropractic Center in Poway, Burdette treats patients with the Apollo AP2-DT Desktop Laser Therapy System, a desktop unit with laser probes engineered from aerospace-grade aluminum and anodized for enhanced protection. It’s a tool used by physical and occupational therapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths to reduce pain and promote healing.

“Eighty percent of patients will receive some level, if not a tremendous level, of response,” said Burdette, the center’s director, who already has had success with the technology since introducing it to his patients a few months ago in summer 2012.

When the laser probe is applied to the skin in a single spot or in a painting motion, light photons stimulate cellular activity two to four centimeters beneath the surface to reduce inflammation, mitigate pain signals, release tight muscles, and re-establish the healing process.

Patients typically go for a barrage of sessions – seven to seventeen appointments – and the benefits last six months or more, said Burdette.

Patients at Community Chiropractic Center treated with cold laser therapy have seen improvement across a wide range of areas including: the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), low back, shoulders, and wrists – such as pain and inflammation from repetitive activity and overuse. Burdette, who has an advanced certification in CAD, Cervical Acceleration/Deceleration commonly known as whiplash, has also seen great treatment results with car accident victims. The cold laser therapy has also helped skin conditions such as open wounds and acne, he said.

But it was Burdette’s own response to the therapy that convinced him to bring it to his practice. That’s because Burdette, a retired U.S. Marine officer, has dealt with shoulder issues for years as a result an injury during his military service. Earlier this year, he volunteered to be a test subject while attending a Parker Seminar in San Diego. He immediately felt the benefits of pain reduction, increased mobility, and improved range of motion and strength.

“I was amazed at the response. So I went back, and they did a second session on me, and it wasn’t a fluke,” said Burdette. “I just fell in love with it.”

Cold laser therapy is FDA-approved to treat pain and has zero known side effects, said Burdette. The treatment is typically not covered by insurance, but Community Chiropractic Center offers affordable pricing plans.

To find out if the treatment is right for you, contact Community Chiropractic Center at 858-486-1222.

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