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Concussions and Chiropractic

Concussions take place following trauma to the head. It might be a minor or severe ‘bump’ to the head and may or may not cause immediate discomfort or pain. Concussions (especially among small children and young athletes) are a known contributing cause to other learning or developmental deficiencies.
Many years ago, concussions were mostly affiliated with a ‘loss of consciousness’. Today, there are as many as five levels of concussion; the most mild being any bump (or contact) to the head which results in any pain or headache.

Concussions cause a variety of symptoms, especially multiple concussion (traumatic) events. Parents and patients should be aware of any head trauma that produces any of the following (even if only once or momentarily following the head trauma): Pain, Headaches, Change in Balance Ability, Decrease in Attention or Mental Processing, blurry or Change in Vision. These are the most significant and noticeable effects of concussion (but there is a much longer list with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury or MTBI).

Research now supports what Chiropractors have stated for decades; chiropractic care following head trauma is beneficial to help in the repair from head, neck and brain trauma. Multiple references were posted in the August 1, 2014 Dynamic Chiropractic (

Seek chiropractic care, following any concussion, from a chiropractor experienced in head trauma; just like fields of law and medicine – head trauma, whiplash and neurological trauma are specialties within chiropractic.

Parents of small children (toddlers to teenagers!) should be comfortable having their families receive chiropractic care for any level of concussion.

Parents of small children, and all patients, should also be aware of the dangers of not including chiropractic care or the severe dangers of drugs if drugs are used in treatment.

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