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Happy New Year – Nutrition Note!

Yes, it’s New Year’s Day. Another day when millions will once again attempt to create a resolution for personal change involving their nutritional habits. And yes,….I’m one of them.

So, here are some tidbits of information which may provide some common sense and set a higher level of motivation.

Some simple understandings:
– Food goes in the mouth, travels to the stomach where it is affected by the stomach acids, then moves into the small intestine (20+ feet long) where it’s pressed up on the lining of the intestinal wall. The elements (nutritional content and poisons) are absorbed through the lining and is collected by veins sending the content to the liver for detox and then to the heart for distribution. What is not absorbed in the small intestine travels into the large intestine (6 feet long) where it is stored and gathered until you eliminate it.

You Are What You Eat! This simple and entertaining statement is best understood when you consider that what ever you eat is absorbed (as explained with such exciting imagery above) into your body and distributed to every part of your body (Heart, Brain and Spinal Cord, Lungs, Kidneys, Muscles, …everything!). Once the delivery of ‘the food you consume’ arrives at it’s destination, your body uses that level of fuel to perform. Your body needs higher quality supply sources to operate at a healthy level. If you eat poorly, then your body can only perform with the sources you give it!

You eat for one of 3 simple reasons:
(a) You are eating to repair from illness or injury (a diet higher in targeted anti-inflammatory items, increased omega 3, magnesium, increased vitamins, herbs, nutrients and more, all of which are targeted for your illness or injury.
(b) You are eating to maintain your good heath. This eating activity would include a healthy variety of vegetables, fruits, and proteins (meats and fish sources) and very likely complimented with supplements at some level.
(c) You are eating to kill yourself. Yes, this is an appropriate use of words. When you consume toxins, especially those found in processed foods, you are asking your body to perform with substandard supplies. A great analogy is to expect your car to perform with lower quality gasoline and never changing oil fluids….the car’s engine will perform poorly, and die sooner.

Good Luck on your healthcare goals. Remember to keep a DC on your healthcare team – they are the one’s most focused on your overall health!

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