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How to Help Your Loved Ones Understand Sciatica in Poway

If you have been recently diagnosed with sciatica, chances are that you know more about the condition than your friends and family. Those who have never experienced sciatica themselves or who have never met someone with this painful disease may not be aware of what you are actually going through. However, keeping them updated about your condition can help them empathize with you and gain a better understanding of the discomfort you are going through.

With that in mind, your sciatica chiropractor in Poway offers some advice on how you can help your loved ones understand the nature of sciatica and how it is affecting you.

Explain Your Painful Condition by Comparing Sciatica to Experiences
Describing pain and uncomfortable sensations to someone who is leading a relatively pain-free life can be frustrating when you don’t have the right terms at the tip of your tongue. Here are some examples of what you can tell people to familiarize them with what you are experiencing every day.

For example, you can tell loved ones that you feel isolated and lonely because of your condition since people around you don’t seem to understand what sciatica is. Then describe the sensations, such as how it feels like you are standing in a freezing pool of water. Or, explain that the pain in your buttocks is reminiscent of an electric shock. Sometimes patients describe a painful leg sensation as if it were a toothache.

Tell loved ones that the weakness in your limbs from sciatica makes it feel like you are wobbly after having been on a boat all day and now are trying to walk in a straight line off of the dock with little success. Most people will understand if you compare the sensations of sciatica to the numb feeling people get when their foot falls asleep.

Take a Loved One with You on an Appointment
A great way to help loved ones sympathize with you and better understand the pain you are experiencing is to bring your friend or family member along to your next appointment at the chiropractor’s office.

Let Family and Friends Know That Chronic Pain Is Not Easy To Eliminate
Well-meaning relatives and friends may be tempted to do “research” into sciatica to help you find a solution to your pain. However, medicine does not yet have an immediate fix to this problem, which means that you will need to get used to the painful sensations.

The miracle cures that they read about have not been proven to work in controlled, scientific studies and do not have merit. Be gentle when informing loved ones that the information they found is not scientifically accurate or relevant to your condition.

Book an Appointment with Your Preferred Sciatica Chiropractor in Poway Today
The pain and discomfort that occurs with sciatica can be treated by a chiropractor. People who are in search of relief for their sciatica are encouraged to come in for a consultation to assess their condition and to get a personalized treatment plan.

For answers to any questions or concerns about sciatica or to make an appointment with your preferred sciatica chiropractor in Poway for treatment, please get in touch with Community Chiropractic Center today. If this will be your first visit, remember to ask us about our new client special!

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