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Kinesio Tape Therapy – The Basics

Kinesio Tape (Sports Tape) Therapy, and at our office referred to Rock Tape Therapy, has many benefits all focused on improved movement of joints during performance and injury repair.

The application varies based on the skills of the healthcare provider as well as the quality of the tape being applied. Some lesser quality tapes will have a limited benefit of an hour or two (they also are typically less expensive). Higher caliber/quality tapes will last two to four days, depending on the region of the body, and how the tape is applied.

Kinesio Tape has multiple effects: increases proprioception, improves posture, and reduction of inflammation, to name a few. Common regions of the body for taping include: shoulders, hamstrings, quadriceps, IT band, ankle, sciatic nerve lines, sacro-iliac, bottom of feet (plantar faciitis), arms (repetitive stress pain or carpal tunnel pain); however, it can be applied over any joint or muscle of the body.

How it works: Similar to a TENS, the tape creates a signal between the skin and the muscle tissues which provide stimulation, and greater performance. This is the continued positive effect on the Pacinian Corpuscle to keep pain and increased neurological connectivity. Unlike (and more effective than) the TENS, when the muscles are under repair following trauma (or in high use during athletic performance), the tape creates a vacuum of pressure which allows greater blood and lymphatic flow, which enhances healing (and prolonged performance).

While the tape is on your skin, you may perform all of your normal bathing activities; however, if you rub water or soap on the tape, it will peel away.

Typical ‘treatment plans’ are as follows:

(1) for TRAUMA REPAIR: as needed during the initial 24 hours following injury. Repeat as recommended by your chiropractor, or other healthcare specialist.

(2) for ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: apply to weak regions, or regions which are going to be in ‘high performance’, 2-10 hours prior to performance.

Other questions or specifics about products available for this type of therapy are best answered by your chiropractor.

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