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Maintenance Care – A New Concept

So, here’s the basic question: Where and How do I place ‘Chiropractic’ in my health care activities? Not an easy question. More specifically, there is no single answer which covers everyone.

Let’s accept chiropractic for its value in what’s been documented in study after study: Chiropractic is the most effective and least invasive service to restore one’s health which has been affected by mild and moderate injury or trauma. Chiropractic has been most studied as a superior service in resolving back and neck pain. Many variables are involved, especially the training and confidence of the Provider (Chiropractor) and Chiropractic Technique (there are about 15 mainstream techniques). Also, chiropractic has enjoyed superior results in reducing (and often fully resolving) headaches, arm and leg pain and tingling sensation, allergies, and even asthma. Chiropractic’s performance is based on the removal of nerve interference (subluxation) and allows the body to repair from injury (or illness) in a natural way (i.e. without drugs and without surgery). So, if it is great in repairing from trauma, then we should also consider the possibility that Chiropractic could take your health or body’s performance to a higher level when you are not in pain?

I want to present this week what is now being understood by millions of Americans; Chiropractic’s Greatest Value is not in removing pain from the body, but rather increasing the performance of the nervous system. This is the reason why more and more people see their Chiropractor long after their pain is gone – they get the bigger picture.

It’s a paradigm change for many, but so was flossing our teeth!

So, if your health is controlled by your nervous system, and Chiropractic aids in your nervous system’s performance, then logically one can assume that Chiropractic can help with any injury, illness, or ailment which is affected by the nervous system. But, let’s not kid ourselves…there are limitations. Chiropractic cannot make a bald headed man curly again! Ask your Chiropractor about proactive care (usually called Maintenance Care), and see how you will benefit. Improved nervous system performance will result in better sleep, better digestion, better mental alertness, and more – which will have a far reaching positive effect on your health and well being.

Frequency for Maintenance Care is different for everyone. I see many small children once a month for a check-up. I see high performance athletes once or twice a week. Most adults are somewhere in between.

I need to remind all readers that you should consult with your Doctor of Chiropractic to ensure your health allows you to receive any level of chiropractic care. While chiropractic can help everyone, it may not be right for everyone. I encourage everyone to include a Chiropractor on their Healthcare Team, particularly those with serious health concerns.

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