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To treat back pain, consider looking at your feet.

This is one approach at Community Chiropractic Center, where custom orthotics are one of many treatment options.

Orthotics – shoe inserts designed by podiatrists – aim to restore the natural function of the foot by stabilizing the foot with cushioning and structural support. Over time the arches in an individual’s feet fall, altering the gait and affecting the knees, low back and hips.

“Basically, orthotics reestablish the natural structure of the arch that has been compromised, so every time you’re walking with orthotics, you have better support,” said Dr. Mark Burdette, the center’s director.
Recently, Community Chiropractic Center added a computerized foot scanning machine to assist with patients’ custom orthotics and chiropractic care. The machine scans the bottom of a patient’s feet, exporting a written analysis of the gait, state of the arches, pronation and imbalances – all conditions which can cause stress on the body and chronic pain.

“Orthotics are just another tool in the toolbox,” said Burdette. “The feet are so closely related to the spine, that every spine doctor is going to make sure they know every option with regards to care of a patient.”

Although not every patient will need them, everyone can benefit from custom orthotics, especially those with plantar fascitis, he said. Patients can order orthotic inserts customized to their unique healthcare needs or shoe type, whether for work boots, loafers, sandals, or more. They can also choose from a large catalog of popular shoe brands that have custom orthotics built in to the shoes.

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