Philosophy on Health

Life is intelligent all the way to its core. Looking at the inner workings of a human cell or a molecule, there is a massive amount of organization at work which reflects intelligence. This intelligence, or life force, is within each and every one of us. This intelligent life force, or this energy, travels from the inner parts of our brain down the spinal cord through every nerve channel to the nerve endings and back again. Any interference with this normal, natural, innate flow of energy will result in a loss of normal, natural function of the organism and create dis-ease.


  • Undergraduate Degree, Bachelors of Arts, Quincy University, Quincy, IL
  • Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, IL


I began studying Chiropractic in 1999, and began treating patients with Chiropractic in 2002. My large, extended family has about 12 – 14 practicing Chiropractic Physicians in Illinois, Florida and California. I enjoy volunteering with many different service organizations including the Rotary Club. I am currently volunteering with my church and the American Red Cross.

Why Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the truest form of healthcare. It is most effective in dealing with dysfunctions of the body and removing interference (pain) to allow the body to return to a more normal functional status.

Personal Information

I was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois. I attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1999 where I proudly earned a spot on the Dean’s List. I am a past member of the Lakewood Ranch Rotary Club 2010-2012. I recently met my beautiful wife Laura in 2010 and we got married in 2012 at the St. Therese Church in Carmel Valley. We decided to live in her home town of San Diego with her extended family: parents, grandparents and many relatives. I sold my private practice and relocated to San Diego in 2012. We are very excited to be starting our lives together in a wonderful community and I look forward to serving the people of the area with expertise and a high quality of care.

Dr. LaHood is our ‘Spinal Decompression’ Specialist. He is certified in the DRS Protocol and accepts Chronic and Difficult Spinal Pain case.

Experience and Techniques: Diversified, Kennedy and DRS techniques with experience providing services to adults and difficult spinal cases and chronic conditions.