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Percussor Adjustor

As a chiropractor treating a wide variety of patients for conditions such as general back pain, headaches, sciatica, auto accident and sports injuries and more, Dr. Mark Burdette, D.C. likes to offer several treatment options.

“The reason there are different techniques is because no one technique is perfect for everybody,” said Burdette, director of the Community Chiropractic Center in Poway.

That’s why Burdette recently brought in a new therapy, the Adjustor, a less intense option to adjust the spine while still experiencing the benefits of chiropractic treatment for musculoskeletal and soft tissue conditions.
Treatment is administered by Dr. Burdette, who moves the hand-held percussion device along the spine and adjacent muscle groups, delivering gentle pulsating vibrations. The instrument is adjustable to different levels of pressure and pulse speed.

Patients can be treated either laying on their stomach or seated upright.

“It’s a pulsating adjusting instrument for the more apprehensive or delicate spine,” said Burdette.

When individuals are injured or suffer from ongoing physical stress or strain, this can lead to dysfunction of connective tissues and scar tissue, all of which decrease mobility and frequently cause chronic pain. With its pulsating action, the Adjustor aids in myofascial release and helps to break through scar tissue to improve normal function and relieve pain.

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