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Our Philosophy at Community Chiropractic Center, Your Poway Chiropractor

At Community Chiropractic Center, our goal is to provide our patients with highest level of care possible. When you meet with your Poway chiropractor, you will always get one-on-one care and outstanding service. We aim to provide the most advanced services available within this field with a goal of providing chiropractic care to you.

Our Mission Statement

Community Chiropractic Center exists to provide effective healthcare for every family member through the use of Modern Science, Art, and Philosophy of Chiropractic. It’s Your Life…Live It in Health!

How We Believe You Can Achieve a Healthy Life

The human body is designed to be self-healing. When you are healthy, your body naturally has the tools and resources to remain disease-free by fighting off illness. This only happens when the nervous system is fully functioning at its highest level. This system of the body helps to control every other system – the muscles, skeleton, endocrine system (including hormones and immunes), reproductive system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, lymphatic symptom, digestive system, skin, urinary system, and much more. It is when there is a complication within the nervous system that the body cannot fight illness effectively.

Chiropractic plays an important role in ensuring the body’s nervous system continues to work properly. It aids in increasing the performance of the nervous system overall. As a result, chiropractic care can help your body to recover from many ailments including traumas, illness, and injuries.

How We Can Help You

To achieve this high level of health, our goal is to work closely with each of our patients – at any age – to improve the function of the nervous system. If you’ve been involved in an auto accident, sports injury, or a work-related injury, your body’s central nervous system is no longer working at its best. This is due to a misalignment of the spinal column. Within your spinal column is the spinal cord, the communication network traveling from the nerves up to the brain. A misalignment here kinks that communication network, limiting your body’s ability to fight illness. This is often presented in back or neck pain, headaches, or even arthritis, fibromyalgia, and sciatica.

Our services aim to fix this communication network. With spinal decompression, massage therapy, and soft tissue repair, we can work to soothe pain, but also improve the alignment of the spine, improving communication. Chiropractic adjustments specifically aim to provide for this goal. Our wellness program and nutritional programs can help to encourage this natural healing state as well.

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You can see healing and health. To achieve this, you need to focus on giving your body the ability to naturally heal itself. Come in to see your Poway chiropractor, we’ll provide you with the evaluation and support you need to improve this level of communication so you can see the results you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about Community Chiropractic Center. Call us for an appointment today.

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