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Our Poway Chiropractor Explains How Cold Laser Therapy Treats Pain & Heals Injuries

Cold laser therapy is a new technology that uses high-energy, low-intensity light to promote healing. Sometimes called low-level laser therapy or photobiomodulation, the method is used by healthcare professionals to treat a number of medical problems. Use of cold laser therapy is becoming increasingly popular because it is a non-invasive and effective treatment.

History of Cold Laser Therapy
“Light Amplification through Stimulated Emission of Radiation,” shortened to “laser,” was developed early in the 1900s by Albert Einstein, and began to be utilized in medical practice in 1967, by Professor Andre Mester. The technology’s potential was quickly developed into a variety of devices that used its high-energy light beams to produce effects on the human body. Refinements of the technology led to cold laser therapy as a way to stimulate the body’s healing processes to relieve many different medical problems.

How Does Cold Laser Therapy Work?
Cold laser devices may use a variety of wavelengths and outputs. Usually, outputs between 600 and 700 nanometers are used when treating conditions on the skin surface. When deep penetration is needed for conditions that affect tissues within the skin, 780 to 950 nanometers are used. The low-level light is applied directly to the skin. The tissues absorb red and near infrared light, which causes biochemical changes that enhance natural healing processes. The patient feels no heat, vibration or sound. The procedure is completely painless and takes only a few minutes.

Conditions That Cold Laser Therapy Can Help
Cold laser therapy can be used to treat minor sprains and strains. Dentists often use it to relieve inflammation of tissues in the mouth. Physicians employ the method to reduce inflammation from arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. Dermatologists may use the technique to relieve skin inflammation, ulcers, burns or rashes. It is often employed to rejuvenate skin tissue. Acupuncturists employ cold laser therapy for patients who dislike the needles that are ordinarily used in the technique. Instead, they use cold laser to stimulate the energy centers in the body. Physicians also use cold laser therapy for patients with chronic pain. The technology can help to supplement other forms of treatment, such as medication or massage.

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Dr. Mark Burdette, Dr. LaHood, Dr. Doss and the staff at Community Chiropractic Center have dedicated themselves to providing individualized care for their patients in Poway, San Diego, Rancho Bernardo, Sabre Springs, Rancho Penasquitos and surrounding areas. We offer a variety of methods to help our patients, including multiple types of chiropractic techniques, spinal decompression, massage therapy, cold laser therapy, kinesio, tape therapy, food sensitivity testing, nutritional counseling and orthotics. We have helped relieve discomfort from many conditions, such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, foot pain, whiplash, auto accident injuries and sports injuries. We can also provide help for children and women during pregnancy. Contact Community Chiropractic Center today for an appointment to discuss how cold laser therapy can help you.

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