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When is the Right Time for Chiropractic?

I’m often asked if Chiropractic can help with….(fill in the blank with everything from pain, to headaches, to difficulty conceiving, to preparing for an athletic event, to recovering from a cold, to sleeping better, to children’s health and mental performance)? And generally, my answer is ‘God designed the body to be healthy and self healing. However, if there is interference in the Nervous Systems’ performance within the body, the body will not be as healthy as it could and should be. Chiropractic is first and foremost a science and application of technique which allows the body’s Nervous System to perform at the highest levels possible.’ So, if the (fill in the blank) is controlled or influenced at any level by the Nervous System, then Chiropractic can help!

Chiropractic can help, but it may not be 100% of the solution – which is why most Chiropractors include activities and services within their practices to further aid in the health of their patients. These extra services are logical accessory and adjunct items which often include: neurological retraining, soft tissue therapy (stretching, strengthening, and even massage), cold laser therapy, kinesio tape therapy, orthotics, diet and nutritional counseling, and supplement recommendations. All these services are in addition to the basic and effective procedure of the ‘chiropractic adjustment’. Those confident Chiropractors will also quickly let their patients know they want to be part of the patient’s healthcare team; they are not replacing anyone.

Chiropractors are skilled (meaning they are well educated, and licensed by every state as competent healthcare providers and recognized as primary healthcare providers by insurance companies) in all of the above services. Also important to note is that chiropractors are typically skilled in more than one chiropractic adjusting technique. This range of services enhances the patients success. A variety of services allows the patient to receive those medically necessary and effective services to address their healthcare concerns. And important to note: Chiropractors are required to perform within the scope of their practice; they are not going to jeopardize their patients’ health and provide services which could be counter productive. Herein lies the requirement for Trust in the Confidence and Competence of your chosen Chiropractor.

So,…yes Chiropractic can help. However, there are many disqualifying factors which might ‘rule out’ the use of chiropractic at any given time. A similar list might exclude some or most of those additional services your Chiropractor provides. Seek a thorough examination and explanation of all the services your Chiropractor provides; chances are great you will find assistance there or referral to another logical and appropriate provider.

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