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Working With a Personal Injury Attorney in Poway

If you have been injured in a car accident or other incident, you may be wondering about or already working with a personal injury attorney. Here at Community Chiropractic Center, we will work with your personal injury attorney. We are proud to be a personal injury chiropractor in Poway, and we know that you want your personal care team to work together during this difficult time in your life so that you do not have to take on additional hassles.

a personal injury attorney working with a client in poway

Personal Injury Chiropractor in Poway

The first thing you probably want to take care of is your injury. Getting started with treatment right away can make you feel better sooner, and delays are frustrating and painful. Our focus as a personal injury chiropractor in Poway is first and foremost on your health, and we are happy to work with your personal injury attorney at any point during the treatment process.

We do recommend that you visit us first so that your injuries can be assessed and treated before the legal wrangling starts. We also recommend that you never settle your legal case before having visited us, in case you are eligible for more damages than you might think. If your injury will take a while to heal, you need to know that so that you can be compensated for the time during which you cannot work, for example.

We treat all kinds of personal injuries, ranging from slip-and-fall cases to auto accidents. The type of accident you were in does not dictate the seriousness of your injuries, so it is important to have a full exam done. Our comprehensive diagnostic process will look for injuries that you may not have even been aware that you had, especially if you are still in the early days after the accident and expecting to feel a bit sore.

Types of Treatment

Our treatment methods are varied and can include a number of different methods, the choice of which is tailored to your individual needs. In general, accident victims can benefit from any of our treatments, depending on their injuries:

  • Spinal manipulation is great for certain back and neck injuries.
  • Massage therapy is good for relieving overall soreness and preventing stiffness.
  • Lifestyle assessment can help you evaluate which maneuvers you may need to do a little differently until you finish healing.
  • Nutritional coaching can help you ensure that you are meeting your body's needs during the healing process.
  • Cold laser therapy stimulates healing in the soft tissues, which is great for injuries such as pulled muscles.
  • Kinesio tape can help stabilize and strengthen an injured joint without immobilizing it.

Community Chiropractic Center Offers Treatment for Personal Injury Sufferers

If you have been in an accident, we will treat you and simultaneously work with your personal injury attorney, should you choose to be represented. If you are not sure whether you need legal counsel, contact us for an appointment and we can diagnose your injuries and provide a personal injury attorney recommendation all on the same visit! Call 858-486-1222 today.

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