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Suffering From Whiplash? Chiropractic Care in Poway Can Helpwhiplash treatment with our poway chiropractor

Even if you aren't well-versed in medical terminology, whiplash is one term that everybody seems to know and dread. This injury syndrome can do substantial damage to your neck, including the soft tissue, cervical vertebral discs and cervical nerve roots -- it can leave you suffering from a surprisingly wide range of symptoms. The good news is that conservative treatment methods can prove highly successful at taming these symptoms and allowing your body to heal itself normally. Community Chiropractic Center is happy to provide such services through our chiropractic care in Poway.

Whiplash: Serious Injuries, Many Symptoms

Whiplash is more than just an injury -- more frequently, it's a whole series of injuries all delivered in one painful package. It typically occurs as a side effect of an auto accident, although any sharp jolt or impact at home, work on the playing field can also produce it. In the case of an auto accident, a collision or other sudden stop can transfer immense forces to your body. Even if your upper body is restrained by a seat belt harness, your head is free to move -- which it does, forcefully and at high speed. The head snaps backward and forward, subjecting the neck to a whip-like motion that causes hyperextension and hyperflexion of the neck structures.

Whiplash injuries may include muscle and tendon strain, subluxation of the cervical spinal joints, and dislocation of the vertebra that alters the curve of your neck. Herniated discs in this area may also pinch cervical nerve roots. This collection of problems may produce:

  • Neck immobility and pain
  • Headache and migraine symptoms
  • Vision or hearing abnormalities
  • Jaw or shoulder pain
  • Tingling, numbness, weakness or pain in the upper extremities

Treatment From Your Auto Accident Chiropractor at Community Chiropractic Center

Your auto accident chiropractor at Community Chiropractic Center can prescribe multiple healing modalities to relieve your whiplash symptoms and put you on the mend. Any of our three practitioners can evaluate your symptoms and cervical spinal alignment to create a personalized whiplash treatment program for you. This program may combine methods such as:

  • Chiropractic care in Poway to normalize your neck alignment and re-establish proper joint motion
  • Spinal compression to relieve pinched cervical nerves
  • Massage therapy to increase circulation and remove painful inflammation from injured neck tissues
  • Cold laser therapy to relieve pain and stimulate cellular repair
  • Kinesio tape therapy to reinforce and support an injured neck while also enhancing circulation

These treatments work together synergistically to help your body implement its own natural healing processes, all without surgery or drugs.

Schedule Natural Whiplash Relief Today

No matter how major or minor your neck symptoms may be, it just makes good sense to let Community Chiropractic Center evaluate your condition and start you on the right course of safe, all-natural treatment. Call 858-486-1222 today to schedule an appointment with any auto accident chiropractor at our clinic!

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