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A Stand-Up Solution (Work Station Tips)

Research by Mayo Clinic doctor shows sitting all day can be harmful
By: Laura Casey
August 16, 2011
San Diego Union Tribune Health

Last year, Kerri Campbell made a decision: She would no longer sit at her desk eight hours a day.
Today, the retail broker for Daymon Worldwide in Pleasanton stands on a couple of black pads, each about an
inch thick. Her keyboard is on a wooden stand built by her husband, and her monitor rests at eye level on a
box, a hard drive dock and a ream of paper.

It’s nothing fancy, she said, but this do-it-yourself workstation has changed the way she feels at the end
of the day. She has more energy, she said, and feels more fit.

“I think standing is a more healthful way to work,” she said from her quiet office.

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