Dear Dr. Mark,

Thank you for working me into your busy day. Doing much better.

You told me to “suck it in” (so to speak)! (CORE CONTRACIONS TO HELP REDUCE LOW BACK PAIN) I try to remember to do this when standing, walking, rising. This is really helping, as well.

I really appreciate being under your chiropractic and spiritual care. Besides you have a great sense of humor. Can’t help but walk out of the door knowing “I do feel better”.

Blessings to you, Carolyn and your staff.
Thank you again for the “birthday gift” and my best regards,

– Arden P

Academic Performance

I came to Community Chiropractic Center after four years of severe neck, back, and lower back pain. I had tried other chiropractors with little improvement. I had trouble concentrating in my schooling because the pain was so bad. Since I have seen Dr. Mark, my pain is practically gone. School is easy for me now because I can concentrate in class without having to constantly shift around in pain looking for a comfortable position. Chiropractic has really improved my pain, attitude, and ease of study. Thank you so much!
– Austin C.

My dear friend Kristin referred me to Dr. Mark. After my first year of graduate school, my back was always in pain and I had developed a lump on the top of my spine. I was concerned about not only my physical health, but also the psychological effect it was having on me. I was frequently tired. The pain in my back terribly frustrating and causing me to take pain relievers almost daily.

During my first visit, Dr. Mark made it very clear to me that chiropractic care would not only help my back pain, but it would also help reduce the size of the lump on my spine.

It has been almost a year since I began receiving care from Dr. Mark and the difference in my health is amazing! I no longer have any back pain and the lump is almost entirely gone! I look forward to my weekly visits and totally believe that it keeps me healthy-both emotionally and physically.

– Kelly D.


Thank you so much for “fixing” my mom and I…without your help I would have had to quit playing volleyball. You are one of the main reasons why I am still playing. Thank you Dr. Mark!

– Jade M.

I am an ex-college football player and have a passion for doing physically demanding things with my body. Which is part of the reason that my main profession as a personal training. So most of my day consists of being on my feet, picking things up off the ground and staying on the move.

About five years ago I was attempting to play professional football and I had some very intense training sessions. One of which I acquired a low back injury that put me out of training for three weeks and I never seem to fully heal. It was always a nagging pain that would come from time to time. Especially when I would lift heavy weights again, specifically deadlifts.

A life in pain is no fun so I decided to see Dr. LaHood at Community Chiropractic Center. After the very first treatment I felt immediate improvement. And after my first three sessions with him I decided to test out my back and do some heavy deadlifts. Not only did my back feel great during lifting but I actually set a new personal record for the most weight I had ever lifted before. I had zero lower back pain the next day which is unheard of.

I feel much more confident and all of my weight training. It is exciting to be free of injury and free of lower back pain so I can go about my training without having to worry about it. I highly recommend Dr. LaHood to any of my friends and family as a lower back and neck pain specialist to help them receive the same relief that I did.

– Mitch R.

I just completed the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon with a personal record time that was 24 minutes faster than my previous record set 8 years ago.

One factor that helped me improve my race was keeping my running form good. In the previous attempts I would get tired toward the end of the race and my head would droop forward as I hunched over as if I was looking for loose change on the ground. This time I was able to keep my head up straight for the entire distance. I attribute this improvement entirely to the chiropractic treatments that I have been receiving. Thank You!

– John G.

Dear Mark,
I feel it is important to write this letter to you, so as to reduce to writing my respect and gratitude to you with regard to your services as my chiropractor.

I had been seeing some other chiropractors for about two years before I met you. They somewhat relieved the pain I experience, but none compare to the level of professionalism I have found you to provide. When I first started seeing you, I was suffering from a sports related injury in my right shoulder. Within one month in your care, the pain disappeared and three months later I completed the La Jolla Rough water swim in my best personal time ever! This would not have been a possibility without your care.

Further it is important to acknowledge that you are never too busy to attend to me, and that your passion and love for helping people really comes through.

Warm Regards,
Shimon G.

Auto Accidents

The doctors and staff are professional, friendly and caring. I was in an auto accident and they’ve taken such good care of me. Highly recommend.

– L.S. August 2019

After a car accident that left me with intense back pain, an MRI showed a protruding lumbar (disc). After receiving the results, Dr. Mark arranged for spinal decompression therapy with cold laser therapy afterward. I walked out of his office that first day pain free. I look forward to each treatment, because I know it’s working. Thanks!

– Cathy S.

I was in a car accident (rear ended). My range of motion in my neck was very limited. After my visit to my regular doctor they just gave me drugs. After just a few visits to Dr. Mark, my overall health has improved. I was very happy with the results.

– Brian C.

I want to thank Dr. Mark Burdette and Yvette for easing my pain and thus giving me an extra amount of energy. Making my days brighter and happier. The good Lord is truly using your hands, Dr. Mark, to heal. May you continue to use this gift with many other people in the years to come.

I was feeling “old” until I came to Dr. Burdette’s office. Unfortunately, it took a car accident to make me away of Dr. Burdette’s services. As the Bible says, “All things work for the good of those who love the Lord.”

Thank you Dr. Mark! You have made a firm believer out of me. Chiropractic care really works! No more of those nasty pain pills for me!

– Anthony N.

I came to Community Chiropractic Center because I was having constant headaches and back muscle pain. My neck and back muscles were stiff and hindering my concentration. I had been experiencing these symptoms since I was in a car accident and due to my lifestyle as a student. Always looking down at my books and sitting in uncomfortable classrooms can take a toll on the neck and back.

I had tried anti-inflammatory drugs with only temporary relief. My experience with Dr. Mark at Community Chiropractic Center has been great. I no longer have headaches that I have to suppress with drugs and the muscle pain is seldom. I now have much less difficulty concentrating on my studies and life activities. The only distractions I experience now are those that I create for myself.

– Britnee M.

Initially I sought Chiropractic care for suspected Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which Dr. Mark relieved with the true cause-neck tension. After relief I took a break, then a roll-over car accident brought me back to Dr. Mark.

In both cases neck pain was evident. The car wreck left me with pain in my lower right side (near my kidney) and a couple of “knots” on top of both of my shoulders. There was also tingling in my feet.

The Carpal Tunnel-like symptoms existed on and off for about six months…during excessive computer typing it gets worse but not anymore due to good adjustment.

I would ask my husband to “pull” at my wrists and it helped relieve some wrist to elbow pain and tingling in my hands. My M.D. prescribed Vicodin for the car accident but no real solution, just pain relief.

The results have been phenomenal with Dr. Mark.

Nowadays, I’m more limber, no wrist pain, and I’m working away the muscle and nerve pain related to the car roll-over every time I make my Chiropractic appointments with Dr. Mark.

– Emelda “May” B.

I came to see Dr. Mark in March 2003 due to heavy and frequent headaches, lower back and right shoulder pain. I had an automobile accident in April 2002 and ever since I developed a great deal of neck stiffness and an achy back.

I saw several doctors at a local Clinic and was prescribed medication for pain relief. An orthopedic surgeon ordered a pair of custom made inserts for me, due to strong pain in my left foot, as a result of the accident.

Since I began treatment with Dr. Mark, my headaches are gone. My shoulder pain decreased to a minimum and my overall quality of life improved a great deal. As a matter of fact my family is happier as I achieved a better-balanced life with no pains and aches. I highly recommend Dr. Mark for chiropractic treatment. This recommendation is not only for people who have been involved in an automobile accident but somebody who suffers frequent headaches and is tired of back or neck pain. His staff is very sensitive, respectful and polite. I could not dream of going to another chiropractor but Dr. Mark’s Community Chiropractic Center in Poway.

Thank you Dr. Mark.

– Ms. Trinidad W.

For the past 9 years I have been seeing various chiropractors, and Community Chiropractic Center has honestly provided me with the best treatment to date. The Staff at Community Chiropractic Center are very knowledgeable and use the latest technologies to diagnose problem areas of the back. Also, the Staff expresses genuine concern for my overall health and treats me like family. The Massage Therapists are very good at knowing where the muscles are tense and focusing on problem areas to relax the muscles.

Those skeptics at heart, like myself, will be pleased to have a monthly re-examination to check the progress Dr. Mark and Staff are making on ones back. When I started my chiropractic therapy with Dr. Mark, I was suffering from moderate back pain due to previous car accidents. Within less than a month, I was feeling a noticeable improvement in my back. I have been sleeping better since, and I no longer depend on narcotic pain relievers to get through the day.

– Nick H.

Mi nombre es Guadalupe Castro yo tuve un accidente en, Octubre del 2007. Juve una lesion en el coxis, el cual no podia estar mucho tiempo sentada por que me dolia, pero desde que empece a visitor al Dr. Mark mi dolor fue desapareciendo. Gracias a Dr. Mark estoy bien y ya no tengo ninguna lesion. Yo les recomiendo a el porque sabe hacer un buen trabajo y se enfoca muy bien en sus pacientes.

– Guadalupe C.

Back Pain

Read back pain testimonials here.


I have been seeing Dr. Mark for 3 months and my headaches have stopped. Thank you.

– Roman M.

Prior to seeing Dr. Mark I was miserable from headaches and neck/shoulder pain on a daily basis. My shoulders and neck were tender to the touch and there were days I didn’t even want to open my eyes due to the headaches I experienced. It was then that I decided I had to seek professional assistance. Within a month of consistent treatment all these symptoms were virtually non-existent. My headaches have disappeared and being as I still sit at a computer all day, I still get a stiff neck and shoulders but as soon as I go for my weekly appointment with Dr. Mark they’re gone! Chiropractic is definitely a way of life for me now!

– Sommer K.

I was a typical skeptic when it came to Chiropractic care when Dr. Mark talked about his profession, I got the impression he really cared about people. I was correct. He is up front, down to earth and Dr. Mark treats me and my family like family. A true professional. I suffered from painful migraines that I sometimes got twice a month. I’ve been seeing doctors about my migraines and they always prescribed medication that didn’t always work (Everything from Vidodine to Maxalt to shots). Keeping these drugs on hand was a priority. I felt like a drug addict. After seeing Dr. Mark, not only did he completely eliminate my migraines, but he eliminated my need for the migraine medications. Now, I FEEL GREAT!! I sleep better, I think clearly, I have more flexibility in my neck to look over my shoulder, especially when I’m driving. Today I look forward to seeing my favorite Chiropractor because Dr. Mark has changed my perspective on Chiropractic care.

Thanks Dr. Mark!!!

I have had Chiropractic treatments many times in my life-aching bones, mostly, and I sinus condition for a year now. I have both Doctors and Chiropractors. Dr. Mark is a very good Chiropractor and has helped me feel better. He is understanding, patient, and the best there is. As we get older we need to help our bones and body to feel better and this is one way of doing that.

Dr. Mark you are the best.

– Ethyl B.

Paralysis of the right side of my face made me seek the help of a chiropractor. My symptoms included tearing and pain in my left ear. I experienced these symptoms for one week. I had not tried any treatments or seen any doctors for my condition. The results in this office were immediate. Within one week I was able to smile and move my eye. Working with Dr. Burdette has practically eliminated the inflammation of the facial nerve (Cervical nerve #7), raised my self-esteem and throughout the treatment, I have felt much more energy than w hen I was a teenager.

Thank you Dr. Burdette!

– Georgina R.

Infants & Children

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I came to Dr. Mark for lower back problems. In addition to treating my lower back issues, helped in the process of my husband and I conceiving our second child we had several miscarriages previous to his treatment. After treatment, we conceived with no issues. I would highly suggest to anyone having issues with conceiving to give it a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

– Jody R.

Maintenance Programs

I am a 52 year old female and a BIG BIG Skeptic! My first visit to any chiropractor was with Dr. Mark. I put my husband through medical school in the 80’s and this field of Chiropractic was looked down upon by the AMA and Dr.’s in general. Well I’m here to say, “Boy are they ever WRONG!!”

I came to Dr. Mark because the care from my M.D. team left me in pain and over drugged. After just a couple of visits of massage therapy and Dr. Mark’s adjustments, I have far more range of motion, less pain and “Gratitude” than ever before.

Go No Further, the best is in Dr. Mark’s office!!

– Janet B.

Dr. Mark,

You are a Blessing in my life! I have been goingto you for my continuing chiropractic care since you opened your clinic in Poway. I am so happy I found you can continued seeing you. My health is so much better with your capable hands.

I still remember when my husband, Tom, suggested I try to seek treatment from a Chriopractor. He handed me a flyer announcing Dr. Mark’s opening in Poway. We both went in and the rest is history.

I have been recommending you to all my family, friends, and co-workers. Thank you so much!

– Susana F.

First, I would like to thank Dr. Mark. I am now hiking, walking, and most importantly working. My back went out completely. I couldn’t walk, sit, or shower. I was scared.

Wow, now I have more respect for how I do things. Dr. Mark introduced me to “The Cleanse” (this crazy lemonade drink). I have lost 10 lbs. The First time, and did it again and lost another 10 lbs. You’re in great care here!

Thank you Dr. Mark and your awesome staff!

– Eddie E.

I have fibromyalgia and some tendonitis and bursitis in my hips, shoulders and neck. My level of tiredness and pain kept me from working more than fifteen hours per week as an RN. After less than one month of adjustments I feel much less tightness and pain. The weekly massages help me feel so much more relaxed. “The Cleanse” was fairly easy to do and after seven days of it, my irritable bowel symptoms of bloating and pain went away. I am slowly adding back food groups to see if I have a food allergy or sensitivity.

I have good doctors (M.D.) and continue to follow their advice, but Dr. Mark’s treatments are a welcome change and a major improvement to my well being.

– Cheryl M.

Dr. Mark is vastly superb to the handful of other chiropractors I have visited. Dr. Mark is friendly, intelligent, innovative, a community leader…and a true expert in his medical discipline.

One of the qualities that I look for in service providers of all categories is a pro-active approach that offers recommendations rather than a reactive approach of waiting for instructions. Dr. Mark is fabulous in this regard… He even calls me on the phone to check in and see how I’m doing.

One outstanding and innovative recommendation that dr. mark offered was The Master Cleanser. This program helped me purge toxins from my system, permanently disrupted my bad eating habits, gave me an abundance of energy and helped me lose 17 lbs. along the way. I absolutely love it when chiropractors and other providers make these types of out of the box recommendations that open me up to new ways of thinking and new ways of living. Thanks, Dr. Mark!

Oh yeah, did I mention that he makes me feel good too?

– John R.

I have been a patient of Chiropractic care for over fifteen years. During this time I have visited many doctors and received various types of treatment. I have found that the care and treatment from Dr. Mark is indeed one of the best. Dr. Mark is one of the rare individuals in today’s field of professionals who has the ability to show genuine concern in a personal and professional manner. I have walked away from the office feeling renewed along with an increase energy level. His professionalism is further recognized by his professional staff, which by no question has been selected by him due to their high level of confidence and personality. They should get a raise. I has been a pleasure to receive such a high level of care.

– Roy M.

When I began receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Mark, I did not have any particular ailment that needed treatment. Therefore, I did not see a reason to receive any care. However, I learned that contrary to medical doctors seeing patients for a particular cause, I would be adjusted to allow my body and its amazing systems to perform at an optimum. I liked that philosophy. I am now on a maintenance plan and since then, I have had two episodes of the common cold, which lasted for about two days whereas they would last for about one week prior to my chiropractic care. I am grateful to be healthy that I may fully and efficiently fulfill my duties as a housewife and mother.

– Daisy F.

Dear Dr. Mark,

Thank you for explaining the respiratory system and the human body to the class. Thank you for taking the time to drive down here and spend time with our class.

– Phillip E.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Mark for about a year now. My time in the office is always enjoyable and pleasant. The staff is always friendly and make everyone feel right at home. I always feel better after the adjustments and would recommed Dr. Mark to anyone.

– Tim K.

Dear Dr. Burdette,

Thank you for your February 8, 2001 presentation to the Women’s Health interest group of American Association of University Women (La Mesa-El Cajon branch) about preventing and treating osteoporosis.

You are very knowledgeable. The information and ensuing discussion was well-received according to many who were in attendance on that day. The absent members missed an outstanding opportunity.

As the recently designated “contact person” for the interest group, I hope that you will be available for more meetings. Every member appreciated your professional presentation style.

Thank you again for a very informative and interesting meeting!

Sincerely, Jean D.

Dear Dr. Mark,

I thank you for sparing the time to come and talk to us. The best thing I liked about your visit is you are a smart person to talk to. You not only helped us to learn more but, you let us know things we did not know. Now I am writing you this letter to tell you thank you!


Dear Dr. Mark.

Thank you for explaining how the body works. It was nice of you to take time to come to our school and answer our questions. It was cool how you explained how the muscles work and how the muscles rely on each other.


We have been seeing Dr. Mark for about 3 years now. The care and personal attention that we receive there has always been excellent. It’s clear that Dr. Mark and all the staff truly love and appreciate all their patients! We have been to other chiropractors, but will continue to drive from San Marcos to see Dr. Mark twice a month.

Lastly, I have chronic hip pain from previous injury. Regular adjustments from Dr. Mark have reduced my discomfort greatly and have allowed my body to heal. In addition, our family is much healthier overall, less cold and flu. We’d recommed Dr. Mark to anyone!

– Alicia K.


I received my first massage last friday (9/24/10) and was stunned at how great I felt! Not only was my body very relaxed, I noticed over the next few days that I was sleeping so much better at night and that the general achiness I’d been feeling at night had gone away.

I especially love the fact that massages and chiropractic care are medically based and can be specified by Dr. Mark to remedy my specific current health issues. It’s clear these ladies understand human anatomy and know how to use massage not just to relax, but to truly heal.

– Alicia K.

I started seeing Dr. Mark around 6 weeks ago for a problem I was having with rotating neck pain. My regular chiropractor could not help me; in fact she made it worse. I didn’t think I was ever going to be able to turn my head again without moving my whole body.

Well, after seeing Dr. Mark consistently three times a week for a month, and now twice a week. I am virtually pain free. His techniques are very carefully performed with great regard for your pain level. The deep massage and various adjustments are sometimes a bit unusual but they work! I am no “spring chicken”, at 64 years old it’s amazing my body can heal so quickly! I love in Oceanside, a long way from Poway, but Dr. Mark is worth the time and travel miles even with gas prices so high!

– Joanne C.

For the past 9 years I have been seeing various chiropractors, and Community Chiropractic Center has honestly provided me with the best treatment to date. The Staff at Community Chiropractic Center are very knowledgeable and use the latest technologies to diagnose problem areas of the back. Also, the Staff expresses genuine concern for my overall health and treats me like family. The Massage Therapists are very good at knowing where the muscles are tense and focusing on problem areas to relax the muscles.

Those skeptics at heart, like myself, will be pleased to have a monthly re-examination to check the progress Dr. Mark and Staff are making on ones back. When I started my chiropractic therapy with Dr. Mark, I was suffering from moderate back pain due to previous car accidents. Within less than a month, I was feeling a noticeable improvement in my back. I have been sleeping better since, and I no longer depend on narcotic pain relievers to get through the day.

– Nick H.