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I was in a car accident (rear ended). My range of motion in my neck was very limited. After my visit to my regular doctor they just gave me drugs. After just a few visits to Dr. Mark, my overall health has improved. I was very happy with the results. 

-Brian C. 2005

I want to thank Dr. Mark Burdette and Yvette for easing my pain and thus giving me an extra amount of energy. Making my days brighter and happier. The good Lord is truly using your hands, Dr. Mark, to heal. May you continue to use this gift with many other people in the years to come.

            I was feeling "old" until I came to Dr. Burdette's office. Unfortunately, it took a car accident to make me away of Dr. Burdette's services. As the Bible says, "All things work for the good of those who love the Lord."

            Thank you Dr. Mark! You have made a firm believer out of me. Chiropractic care really works! No more of those nasty pain pills for me!

  -Anthony N. 2003

I came to Community Chiropractic Center because I was having constant headaches and back muscle pain. My neck and back muscles were stiff and hindering my concentration. I had been experiencing these symptoms since I was in a car accident and due to my lifestyle as a student. Always looking down at my books and sitting in uncomfortable classrooms can take a toll on the neck and back.

I had tried anti-inflammatory drugs with only temporary relief. My experience with Dr. Mark at Community Chiropractic Center has been great. I no longer have headaches that I have to suppress with drugs and the muscle pain is seldom. I now have much less difficulty concentrating on my studies and life activities. The only distractions I experience now are those that I create for myself. 
-Britnee M.  2003

Initially I sought Chiropractic care for suspected Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which Dr. Mark relieved with the true cause-neck tension. After relief I took a break, then a roll-over car accident brought me back to Dr. Mark.

            In both cases neck pain was evident. The car wreck left me with pain in my lower right side (near my kidney) and a couple of "knots" on top of both of my shoulders. There was also tingling in my feet.

            The Carpal Tunnel-like symptoms existed on and off for about six months…during excessive computer typing it gets worse but not anymore due to good adjustment.

            I would ask my husband to "pull" at my wrists and it helped relieve some wrist to elbow pain and tingling in my hands. My M.D. prescribed Vicodin for the car accident but no real solution, just pain relief.

            The results have been phenomenal with Dr. Mark.

            Nowadays, I'm more limber, no wrist pain, and I'm working away the muscle and nerve pain related to the car roll-over every time I make my Chiropractic appointments with Dr. Mark. 

 -Emelda "May" B. 2003

I came to see Dr. Mark in March 2003 due to heavy and frequent headaches, lower back and right shoulder pain. I had an automobile accident in April 2002 and ever since I developed a great deal of neck stiffness and an achy back.

I saw several doctors at a local Clinic and was prescribed medication for pain relief. An orthopedic surgeon ordered a pair of custom made inserts for me, due to strong pain in my left foot, as a result of the accident.

Since I began treatment with Dr. Mark, my headaches are gone. My shoulder pain decreased to a minimum and my overall quality of life improved a great deal. As a matter of fact my family is happier as I achieved a better-balanced life with no pains and aches. I highly recommend Dr. Mark for chiropractic treatment. This recommendation is not only for people who have been involved in an automobile accident but somebody who suffers frequent headaches and is tired of back or neck pain. His staff is very sensitive, respectful and polite. I could not dream of going to another chiropractor but Dr. Mark's Community Chiropractic Center in Poway

Thank you Dr. Mark.

Ms. Trinidad W. 2003

For the past 9 years I have been seeing various chiropractors, and Community Chiropractic Center has honestly provided me with the best treatment to date. The Staff at Community Chiropractic Center are very knowledgeable and use the latest technologies to diagnose problem areas of the back. Also, the Staff expresses genuine concern for my overall health and treats me like family. The Massage Therapists are very good at knowing where the muscles are tense and focusing on problem areas to relax the muscles.  

            Those skeptics at heart, like myself, will be pleased to have a monthly re-examination to check the progress Dr. Mark and Staff are making on ones back. When I started my chiropractic therapy with Dr. Mark, I was suffering from moderate back pain due to previous car accidents. Within less than a month, I was feeling a noticeable improvement in my back. I have been sleeping better since, and I no longer depend on narcotic pain relievers to get through the day.

Nick H.  2008

Mi nombre es Guadalupe Castro yo tuve un accidente en, Octubre del 2007. Juve una lesion en el coxis, el cual no podia estar mucho tiempo sentada por que me dolia, pero desde que empece a visitor al Dr. Mark mi dolor fue desapareciendo. Gracias a Dr. Mark estoy bien y ya no tengo ninguna lesion. Yo les recomiendo a el porque sabe hacer un buen trabajo y se enfoca muy bien en sus pacientes. 

Guadalupe C. 2008

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