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        I am a 52 year old female and a BIG BIG Skeptic! My first visit to any chiropractor was with Dr. Mark. I put my husband through medical school in the 80's and this field of Chiropractic was looked down upon by the AMA and Dr.'s in general. Well I'm here to say, "Boy are they ever WRONG!!"

       I came to Dr. Mark because the care from my M.D. team left me in pain and over drugged. After just a couple of visits of massage therapy and Dr. Mark's adjustments, I have far more range of motion, less pain and "Gratitude" than ever before.
       Go No Further, the best is in Dr. Mark's office!!

-Janet B. 2009

Dr. Mark,
        You are a Blessing in my life! I have been goingto you for my continuing chiropractic care since you opened your clinic in Poway. I am so happy I found you can continued seeing you. My health is so much better with your capable hands.

        I still remember when my husband, Tom, suggested I try to seek treatment from a Chriopractor. He handed me a flyer announcing Dr. Mark's opening in Poway. We both went in and the rest is history. 
        I have been recommending you to all my family, friends, and co-workers. Thank you so much!

-Susana F. 2010

First, I would like to thank Dr. Mark. I am now hiking, walking, and most importantly working. My back went out completely. I couldn't walk, sit, or shower. I was scared.

            Wow, now I have more respect for how I do things. Dr. Mark introduced me to "The Cleanse" (this crazy lemonade drink). I have lost 10 lbs. The First time, and did it again and lost another 10 lbs. You're in great care here!

            Thank you Dr. Mark and your awesome staff!

- Eddie E. 2007

I have fibromyalgia and some tendonitis and bursitis in my hips, shoulders and neck. My level of tiredness and pain kept me from working more than fifteen hours per week as an RN. After less than one month of adjustments I feel much less tightness and pain. The weekly massages help me feel so much more relaxed. "The Cleanse" was fairly easy to do and after seven days of it, my irritable bowel symptoms of bloating and pain went away. I am slowly adding back food groups to see if I have a food allergy or sensitivity.

            I have good doctors (M.D.) and continue to follow their advice, but Dr. Mark's treatments are a welcome change and a major improvement to my well being.

Cheryl M.

Dr. Mark is vastly superb to the handful of other chiropractors I have visited. Dr. Mark is friendly, intelligent, innovative, a community leader…and a true expert in his medical discipline.

            One of the qualities that I look for in service providers of all categories is a pro-active approach that offers recommendations rather than a reactive approach of waiting for instructions. Dr. Mark is fabulous in this regard… He even calls me on the phone to check in and see how I'm doing.

            One outstanding and innovative recommendation that dr. mark offered was The Master Cleanser. This program helped me purge toxins from my system, permanently disrupted my bad eating habits, gave me an abundance of energy and helped me lose 17 lbs. along the way. I absolutely love it when chiropractors and other providers make these types of out of the box recommendations that open me up to new ways of thinking and new ways of living. Thanks, Dr. Mark!

            Oh yeah, did I mention that he makes me feel good too?

John R.

I have been a patient of Chiropractic care for over fifteen years. During this time I have visited many doctors and received various types of treatment. I have found that the care and treatment from Dr. Mark is indeed one of the best. Dr. Mark is one of the rare individuals in today's field of professionals who has the ability to show genuine concern in a personal and professional manner. I have walked away from the office feeling renewed along with an increase energy level. His professionalism is further recognized by his professional staff, which by no question has been selected by him due to their high level of confidence and personality. They should get a raise. I has been a pleasure to receive such a high level of care.

-Roy M.

When I began receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Mark, I did not have any particular ailment that needed treatment. Therefore, I did not see a reason to receive any care. However, I learned that contrary to medical doctors seeing patients for a particular cause, I would be adjusted to allow my body and its amazing systems to perform at an optimum. I liked that philosophy. I am now on a maintenance plan and since then, I have had two episodes of the common cold, which lasted for about two days whereas they would last for about one week prior to my chiropractic care. I am grateful to be healthy that I may fully and efficiently fulfill my duties as a housewife and mother.

-Daisy F. 2002

Dear Dr. Mark,

            Thank you for explaining the respiratory system and the human body to the class. Thank you for taking the time to drive down here and spend time with our class. 

-Phillip E.

I've been seeing Dr. Mark for about a year now. My time in the office is always enjoyable and pleasant. The staff is always friendly and make everyone feel right at home. I always feel better after the adjustments and would recommed Dr. Mark to anyone.

-Tim K. 2010

Dear Dr. Burdette,

            Thank you for your February 8, 2001 presentation to the Women's Health interest group of American Association of University Women (La Mesa-El Cajon branch) about preventing and treating osteoporosis.

            You are very knowledgeable. The information and ensuing discussion was well-received according to many who were in attendance on that day. The absent members missed an outstanding opportunity.

            As the recently designated "contact person" for the interest group, I hope that you will be available for more meetings. Every member appreciated your professional presentation style.

            Thank you again for a very informative and interesting meeting!


 Jean D. 2001

Dear Dr. Mark,

            I thank you for sparing the time to come and talk to us. The best thing I liked about your visit is you are a smart person to talk to. You not only helped us to learn more but, you let us know things we did not know. Now I am writing you this letter to tell you thank you!


Dear Dr. Mark.

            Thank you for explaining how the body works. It was nice of you to take time to come to our school and answer our questions. It was cool how you explained how the muscles work and how the muscles rely on each other.



       We have been seeing Dr. Mark for about 3 years now. The care and personal attention that we receive there has always been excellent. It's clear that Dr. Mark and all the staff truly love and appreciate all their patients! We have been to other chiropractors, but will continue to drive from San Marcos to see Dr. Mark twice a month. 
       Lastly, I have chronic hip pain from previous injury. Regular adjustments from Dr. Mark have reduced my discomfort greatly and have allowed my body to heal. In addition, our family is much healthier overall, less cold and flu. We'd recommed Dr. Mark to anyone!

- Alicia K. 2010


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