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Great Doctor in San Diego!

             I always think that I can bear great pressure from work. Mentally, I can. Physically, I cannot. I wasn't aware of it, until there was something wrong with the right side of my body. My right hand shivered by itself, right eyelid twitching frequently and there was a 'cracking' sound when I turned my head to the right. I was upset with all these abnormal reactions. My colleague heard from her friend that Dr. Mark Burdette was really good. So I tried without hesitation. I have visited Dr. Mark Burdette since February and my 'right-side problem' is recovered by 95% under his excellent treatments. Dr. Mark's office reminds me my old days at Stanford University. The nearby clinics provided the best treatment and the staff were professional and sincere.

 Macy C. 2008

Prior to seeing Dr. Mark I was miserable from headaches and neck/shoulder pain on a daily basis. My shoulders and neck were tender to the touch and there were days I didn't even want to open my eyes due to the headaches I experienced. It was then that I decided I had to seek professional assistance. Within a month of consistent treatment all these symptoms were virtually non-existent. My headaches have disappeared and being as I still sit at a computer all day, I still get a stiff neck and shoulders but as soon as I go for my weekly appointment with Dr. Mark they're gone!

            Chiropractic is definitely a way of life for me now!

 Sommer K. 2005

I started seeing Dr. Mark around 6 weeks ago for a problem I was having with rotating neck pain. My regular chiropractor could not help me; in fact she made it worse. I didn't think I was ever going to be able to turn my head again without moving my whole body.

            Well, after seeing Dr. Mark consistently three times a week for a month, and now twice a week. I am virtually pain free. His techniques are very carefully performed with great regard for your pain level. The deep massage and various adjustments are sometimes a bit unusual but they work! I am no "spring chicken", at 64 years old it's amazing my body can heal so quickly! I love in Oceanside, a long way from Poway, but Dr. Mark is worth the time and travel miles even with gas prices so high!

 Joanne C. 2005

Thank you SO much for relieving my TMJ pain! I've been struggling with this problem for over 10 years and you are the first medical professional that has been able to make a significant difference in decreasing and even completely relieving me of my headaches, clicking and jaw pain. What a blessing!

            In addition, your kind and sincere manner, your caring touch and your ability to gently adjust my back and neck help me maintain an overall balance of wellness and comfort.

            Thank you for your kind service and I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking chiropractic (especially TMJ!) care. 

 Warm Regards,

Lisa M. C. 2003

I came to see Dr. Mark in March 2003 due to heavy and frequent headaches, lower back and right shoulder pain. I had an automobile accident in April 2002 and ever since I developed a great deal of neck stiffness and an achy back.

            I saw several doctors at a local Clinic and was prescribed medication for pain relief. An orthopedic surgeon ordered a pair of custom made inserts for me, due to strong pain in my left foot, as a result of the accident.

            Since I began treatment with Dr. Mark, my headaches are gone. My shoulder pain decreased to a minimum and my overall quality of life improved a great deal.

            As a matter of fact my family is happier as I achieved a better-balanced life with no pains and aches.

            I highly recommend Dr. Mark for chiropractic treatment. This recommendation is not only for people who have been involved in an automobile accident but somebody who suffers frequent headaches and is tired of back or neck pain.

            His staff is very sensitive, respectful and polite. I could not dream of going to another chiropractor but Dr. Mark's Community Chiropractic Center in Poway.

Thank you Dr. Mark.

 Ms. Trinidad W. 2003

My name is Nicole, I am a 27 year old single mom who would find life much more difficult if it were not for Dr. Mark and regular chiropractic care. I suffer form chronic back and neck pain, which is often aggravated by normal everyday movements and activities. Currently I see Dr. Mark twice a week-regularly on some days the only thing that gets me through a painful day is knowing that Dr. Mark will soon put everything back in place and relieve my body of the growing tension.

            I was extremely impressed from the moment Dr. Mark shook my hand at our initial meeting. He is warm and genuine in his friendly demeanor. His examination was unlike any other I have had. It was voice recorded to ensure accuracy. He asked me more than the standard 8 questions. He took time to review my charts and clarified any questions he had prior to ever adjusting me. I never felt like I was rushed through my examination. He had the time I needed! I was impressed, but the best had yet to come…my adjustment program.

            After an adjustment I can sit up straighter, hold my neck center without needing to think about it, the pressure in my neck and shoulders is released, and with all this comes a much brighter disposition. Dr. Mark not only treats the spine, and the muscles, he treats the mind and the complete body.

            I truly believe that every person has everything to gain by the diligent use of chiropractic care. In order for your body to function it must be in line and communication within itself properly. Good chiropractic care ensures this is accomplished and Dr. Mark is the BEST doctor of chiropractic that I have ever found in my years of searching.

            Dylan is my 13 month old son who I have been bringing to see Dr. Mark since he was about 8 months old. Since he began weekly adjustments several changes have occurred, and the changes did not take months. They took days. Dylan who use to suffer greatly from diaper rashes now will only have one every 3 months or so. He went from waking up 4-7 times a night to either sleeping through the night or only waking up once. Children often get colds; unfortunately it is a fact of life. However, when Dylan gets a cold rather than it lasting weeks it only lasts 3-5 days. His digestive track is normal and I no longer worry about constipation.

            I can think of many reasons Dylan and I love coming to see Dr. Mark and his staff. I hope that the few reasons I have shared with you will encourage you to take the first step to a better quality and fullness of life.


Nicole T. 2003

I am a 50-year-old female and I began going to Chiropractors in 1977. Someone told me they could help me with the sinus problems I had. It did help me with that problem and many others. Since that time I have regularly made "preventative maintenance" visits monthly to the chiropractor's office.

            I have seen many different doctors over the years as I moved about 15 times since then. There have been some good ones and some not so good doctors. As with anything else in life you will find some people are highly skilled in their profession while others should be doing something else!

            I have found that Dr. Mark is highly skilled in his chosen profession. His approach to good health is founded in common sense and based on sound medical knowledge. Simply put, if the spine is in correct alignment then the proper signals/nutrition can get where they need to go!

            I am in very physically demanding occupation; massage therapy. I require my tool (my body) to be in top working condition in order to perform my job. Dr. Mark has helped me to be more "aware" of the condition of my body so that I can keep it finely tuned and in top performance. I visit him regularly in order to maintain critical good health.

            I have experienced much better posture, this less pain in my neck and shoulder area. I have increased range of motion in my neck and an overall sense of well-being since I began as one of his patients last February. I can highly recommend him to anyone that I serious about improving his or her health.


 Denise R. 2003

I came to Dr. Mark for my neck. I had a pinching/shock feeling that would go down my arm. I also came to Dr. Mark because my left leg was shorter and I could feel the difference in strength when I used weight machines at the gym. My left leg was much weaker.

            After weekly treatments for several months I noticed that another major negative factor in my life had been relieved. I have not had a migraine for weeks and weeks and weeks.

            So. Relieved neck pain, evenness in my legs and migraine relief.

 Thanks Dr. Mark Burdette


Joanna F. 2004

I had been experiencing neck pain for about 2 weeks until it became severe. I woke up one morning unable to move. I was in so much pain it was unbearable. I remembered my sister telling me about the wonderful treatments she received from Dr. Mark. I called the office and was seen that same day. I have been coming for adjustments for over 2 months now and I am very please with my results.

            Dr. Mark has helped me lessen my pain in not only my neck, but also my back and knee. I was also suffering from frequent migraines and have not experienced any since my treatment began. I am able to care for my 3 girls and daily activities pain free. I have increased my exercise and my Tennis game has improved.

            Thank you very much Dr. Mark for all your advice treatments and knowledge. You have a wonderful gift and talent. I plan to let everyone know this!


-Marlene L.  2002

Chronic neck pain brought me to Dr. Mark. I had symptoms since April of 2001. I've been seeing Dr. Mark since January 21, 2004 and I feel great! I have more range of motion for my dancing and less pain in my neck.

  Daylene F. 2004

I was in a lot of pain before I came to Community Chiropractic Center. My neck always hurt; and because it was centered at the base of my head, I got headaches too. But after regular appointments with Dr. Mark, I immediately felt relief. I also didn't realize how little I was able to move my head before the adjustments. Now I can turn my head easily without any pain. I now have a little more time between adjustments. But I know I'll continue care because of the results I've already felt.

-Kim R.

My mom has had back pains for a long time and one time she had me go with her to Dr. Mark  for help with the bad headaches I have been getting several times a week for as long as I can remember. After about two weeks of seeing Dr. Mark they were almost gone and now almost non-existent. After seeing him for about a month the subject of my bad menstrual cramps came up, he then did a painful adjustment on me. It worked wonders though and my cramps are almost gone after only two treatments. I really like going to see Dr. Mark because he is fun to talk to and he's funny. Also, if you aren't comfortable you just have to tell him and he won't do it anymore and he'll find another way to adjust you. 

 Rebecca L. 2001

I am a 38-year old female who has visited 3 Chiropractors. Two, I tried out of curiosity and persuasion from my mother. I never went back for the second visit because I wasn't comfortable with the way they adjusted my neck.

            When I visited Dr. Burdette I did so out of desperation, I needed to heal the hurt instead of continuing with the prescriptions the MD's were giving me. It had been two weeks without much sleep regardless of the medication; the pain was unbearable at bedtime.

            After two visits with Dr. Burdette I was able to sleep twice as long and decreased my medication. After four visits I slept through the night and stopped taking codeine. As for my neck adjustments, Dr. Mark has a great technique that allows me to relax and reap the benefits of his adjustments.

Thank You Dr. Burdette!

  Karen S. 2002

I was diagnosed with tension headaches and migraines. It started in October 2001 and lasted for several weeks. I was prescribed migraine medication. However, it would continue to come back. I had severe neck and back tension as well. My co-workers suggested Chiropractic care. I was very reluctant and didn't believe in it. However, my co-worker recommended her Chiropractor, Dr. Mark. I started going twice a week and in those weeks I still had my headaches. I still kept going and it was the third week I couldn't believe it was actually working. I noticed that I felt much better and I realized I wasn't having headaches anymore. My neck and back pain were a lot better. I noticed a huge improvement. I highly recommend anyone who has the same problem to go and see Dr. Mark! He is GREAT!

 -Sarah A. 2001

For approximately four years I have had severe neck and shoulder pain, which leads to frequent headaches, nothing seemed to be able to help until I began regular visits with Dr. Burdette. The gradual stretching and adjustments I have received have worked wonders. I no longer suffer from daily neck and shoulder pain, and my headaches have gone away too. I can lead a more productive life since I'm feeling so much better. The biggest benefit is the playtime I now really enjoy with my children.


 Jane B.

For many years I have had severe throbbing neck pains and lower back discomfort. I found it hard to stand for long periods of time and sitting was uncomfortable. A friend recommended Dr. Mark Burdette to me. After the first visit my lower back discomfort was gone, and after a month, no more neck pain. I have also mysteriously lost 13 pounds.

            Chiropractic has definitely changed my life for the better.


 Kris H. 2001

I thought chiropractic therapy was for someone who was injured. My health insurance covers chiropractic visits so I decided to use it. I was so surprised how good my mind and body felt after a few visits: no more neck pain, shoulder pain or knee pain. I can turn to the right or the left while driving to change lanes quickly and easily with no pain or worries about hurting my neck. I can lift my head all the way back to put drops in my eyes more comfortably. I have no pain in my neck anymore. Dr. Burdette has very good communication when adjusting and he tells me exactly what he is doing and the benefits of it. I will use chiropractic care for the rest of my life.

 Mary J. 2001

I just wanted to let all of your patients and visitors know how much you have helped me with my back neck and lower back problems. I was having lower back and neck pain that is why I took the exam. Once I was made aware of the problem I wanted to do something about it. My wife and I had started our adjustments and were about one month into it when I was rear ended by a truck in my son's Honda Civic. I already had some neck pain as I stated before but after the third day after the accident the pain was very bad. I was re-examined and had some very different problems than was first treated for. I had just started a new job and the long hours and longer drives added to the pain. The treatments began the 2nd week of January and after only 21 adjustments I told my doctor I was very much better and only would be coming in for regular adjustments. The neck pain was gone, completely gone, no back pain, I was sleeping much better and during this entire time I was being adjusted I never had to take any pain pills because the treatment was what my body needed, not any pills or medicines. I can tell you I am very satisfied with the results of my adjustments and the final results that I now enjoy…

 Ron H.


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