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A professional blog by Mark Burdette, D.C.

Welcome to our newest blog. My goal is to open some basic window of understanding regarding Health to explain where, when and how Chiropractic should fit in. You may not always appreciate my comments (or my humor), but you’ll be given honest information.

This first week’s blog is to give you some background info on me – something for you to balance my comments against your standards of credibility.

I’m number 5 of 6 children; grew up in Dallas. My father was severely crippled from polio. I have 1 sister and 4 brothers who are attorneys – please don’t hold this against me. I’ve served in leadership positions in my youth, as a young adult, in and around the USMC environment, and as a middle aged adult (Rotary, RBCPC, BNI,…). I hold an undergraduate degree in English and History from The University of Texas, a Masters in Management from Florida Institute of Technology, a Science Certificate from new College of California, and a Doctorate in Chiropractic from Parker College. I retired following 20 years in the Marines and immediately attended Parker College to become a provider of healthcare through chiropractic.

My wife, Carolyn, and I live in San Diego and have 5 children (his, hers, and ours!). There’re the basics.

You’re encouraged to e-mail me with questions regarding Chiropractic. Over the next few months I intend to provide information about; Chiropractic Principles, Where Chiropractic Fits in Healthcare, Why Chiropractic Works, The History of Chiropractic, and even, Why Chiropractors Aren’t Placed in a ‘Favorable Light’ with many old school MD’s. I will attempt to entertain and educate on these and other areas. If you have a particularly strong question, which is preventing you from understanding and receiving chiropractic care, please ask and allow me to respond in an effort to assist others to understand when, why, and how to employ Chiropractic as part of their healthcare plan.

Until then, Stay Healthy and Stay Adjusted!


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