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Whiplash Injury and Neck Pain

There are many serious concerns when you injure your neck. There’s the obvious ‘pain’ which is resultant from the sprain and strain of the ligaments and muscles of the spine and surrounding area, and then there is the serve pain when inflammation or structural change to the neck causes pressure against a nerve root in the neck.

Nerve roots come out of the spine between the vertebrae and each provides unique contribution to the performance of the body. Those in the neck (also referred to as the Cervical Spine) provide signals to the arms and hands, and the muscles around the neck and shoulders. They also send signals to the heart of the immune system and hormone production. Research confirms severe whiplash may destroy the ability for the Thyroid to perform.

There are a variety of Whiplash symptoms which should be properly evaluated and documented in the patients healthcare records, and include: Headaches, Dizziness, Fatigue, Numbness or Tingling into the arm or hand or fingers, Difficulty in Turning Your Head, Jaw Pain, Sleep Disruption, Blurry Vision, Increased Allergy Sensitivity, Hormonal Imbalances, even Change in Personality, and more. It’s much more than simply pain.

A Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) is the most skilled healthcare provider to provide evaluation of whiplash trauma. Your family D.C. may or may not specialize in Whiplash Trauma and Injury, if not seek referral to one who does. Your D.C. will discuss treatment options or necessary referral requirements to see an Orthopedist or Pain Management M.D.

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